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Sweets and Desserts (Circle of Life Gluten Free Bakery)

From Circle of Life:

The Circle of Life Bakery started in late 2004 as a division of Grainharvest Breadhouse Inc., with the goal to supply nutritious and tasty products to people with food allergies. All our baked goods are wheat free and most of them are gluten free as well, everything is produced in a separate facility, to insure that there is absolutely no cross contamination. Some years ago when people were diagnosed with allergies towards wheat and gluten (Celiac disease), the options of finding good tasting baked products were pretty limited. And that’s where the Circle of Life Bakery comes in to play to make a difference! Everything is made from scratch and we use only the best wholesome ingredients, to create healthy and delicious products. We refrain from using any additives and preservatives. But we do not just cater to people with food allergies; a lot of (non allergic) people over the years have come to appreciate our variety of cookies, muffins, bars and more, to support their healthy life style or simply because they enjoy them! Circle of Life stands for quality and our bakers are always dedicated to achieve that and also eager to continually expand the horizon in healthy food options.