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Vegan Cheese Pie - Situ's Kitchen


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Everything Flavour

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A take on a Greek cheese pie.ξ

Flaky phyllo dough filled with homemade tofu feta and rolled to perfection.

The butter we use is from a company that uses a sustainable palm oil that is not destroying the rainforests.

Cooking Instructions (From Frozen):ξBake at 350F for 15-20 min.

Everything Cheese Pie Ingredients:ξPhyllo pastry (wheat flour, water, corn starch, sugar, potassium sorbate, canola oil, salt), tofu (water, organic soybeans, calcium sulfate, magnesium chloride), buttery spread (water, organic coconut oil, organic palm fruit oil, organic canola oil, organic sunflower oil, organic flaxseed oil, sea salt, sunflower lecithin, natural flavour, tocopherols, organic annato extract colour), mixed seasoning (sesame seeds, sea salt, garlic, onion, black sesame seeds, poppy seeds), organic coconut oil, lemon juice (water, concentrated lemon juice, sulphites, lemon oil), apple cider vinegar, salt, garlic salt, onion powder.
Contains: Wheat, soy, sesame, sulfites.
May contain: Peanuts, tree nuts.

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