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Stain Remover Stick - Bunchafarmers

1 Stick

Buncha Farmers All Natural Stain Remover works on grass, red wine, ketchup, blood, grease, underarm stains, and so much more. Even the most stubborn stains are washed away. There are no artificial dyes or perfumes - just the fresh, clean scent of natural eucalyptus and the deodorizing power of litsea. Will not discolour clothes or fabrics. Best of all, it works.

Note: If you encounter a very stubborn stain like blueberry or a baked in stain, you might have to apply the stain remover a couple of times or work at it by hand.It should start to fade and fade until you get it out.

Tips: Cut or scrape off a little of the bar and throw in with your regular wash. Works great with soap nuts! Clean your shoes or remove the ink of your leather jacket or purse. Melt in hot water and spray or rub on carpet surfaces or car seats to get rid of stains and grime.

Care Instructions:í«í_Let dry between uses.

Product Dimensions:í«í_äó¢íšíó4" x 1" x 1"

Ingredients:í«í_Coconut oil, vegetable soya oil, canola oil, litsea cubeba essential oil, lemon essential oil, lye, water, borax

Product Packaging:í«í_Paper box

Brand:í«í_Buncha Farmers

Made in:í«í_Aurora, Richmond Hill, and Markham Ontario.