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St Brigid's Unsalted Butter

250 G

Salted or unsalted, this is the delicious kind of butter that your grandparents would have eaten. A world-class product produced organically and regeneratively just over 2 hours west of Toronto.

St. Brigid's Creamery butter is made from 100% A2 Jersey cream, bringing a superior flavour, texture, and mouthfeel. St. Brigid's Creamery butter is barrel churned to the European style 84% fat content and is truly a standout product. 

St. Brigids Creamery is an innovative Canadian dairy implementing regenerative organic land management and animal welfare practices. This herd graze on grass and healthy pastures year round. This results in a butter its vibrant yellow hue. Owner and founder Bill van Nes is a fifth generation dairy farmer, and first generation organic farmer committed to excellence and regeneration.