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Recycled Leather Notebook - Leaf Design (Paper Spree)

$19.99 $22.99

A handmade unfinished artistic look, with plain pages to draw, write or map creative and inspiring ideas. A luxurious leather touch with attractive colours to suit all ages. The notebook also includes a sleek elastic closure to hold the book together.

Size: 7"x5"

Material: Recycled Leather and Handmade Tree Free Cotton Pulp Paper, 72 plain pages, Elastic closure


Paper Spree is a Hamilton, On based company.

From Paper Spree:

Abeda Oturkar is a social entrepreneur, fulfilling her mission to respect and take care of our planet and its beings. As an eco-friendly business, we believe that every action of consumption has to be in synergy with nature and its inhabitants. PaperSpree is a Canadian brand, of everyday sustainable goods. We are a team of designers and makers working within a circular economy, addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals 2030 by maintaining a zero-waste supply chain that is 100% eco-friendly, 100% plastic-free, and 100% recyclable. In my search for eco products, I was elated to learn about artisans and makers in Asia working with recycling and up-cycle materials. Paper was now made from cotton rags and fabric cuttings, while tannery waste was mixed with natural rubber to make perfect leather. Their ingenuity had perfected the process, it was now a large compliance-certified industry. Here I conceptualized PaperSpree and decided to work in handicrafts where natural waste is harnessed into eco-friendly goods and I visioned making artisan-made products accessible and affordable to all.