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Razors - Rockwell 6C Double Edge

White Chrome

Rockwell's innovative design eliminates shaving irritation and ingrown hairsξfor a close, comfortable shave every time.

NO MORE NICKS OR CUTS - The Rockwell 6C features Rockwell's FULLY ADJUSTABLE SHAVING SYSTEM, so each and every skin type and facial hair length can get great shaves with no risk of nicks or cuts!

Package contains 1 Rockwell 6C Razor, with 5 Rockwell Razors brand premium Swedish Stainless Steel Razor Blades.

Customers with coarse facial hair know the perils a razor can cause to their skin. Fortunately,ŒæRockwell Razor's 6C is a customizable double edge safety razor built specifically to ease shaving for men with coarse or thick facial hair.í«í_
At a baffling economic price and with extremely cost-efficient refills, this blade is perfect for shavers seeking high quality.