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Pop Up Sponge Cloth - Panda


About this product

NEW PlantishFuture x GCF Panda Pop Up Sponge inspired by one of earth's endangered species in need of our awareness! Our Panda Pop-up Sponge is another great zero waste swap for your kitchen. Made of 100% vegetable cellulose (wood pulp), these kitchen sponges feel and function like traditional sponges but are completely plant-based, plastic-free and compostable.

Dry: 11 x 10cm or 4.33 x 3.93in
Wet: 10.5 x 12cm or 4.13 x 4.72in

* Panda

*durable: safe to use on non-stick cookware, copper and stainless steel, glassware and much more
*non-scratch: natural cellulose sponge creates generous foams and lather, so it is powerful enough to cut through greases and grime.

• Made in Canada
• Weight: 9.1 g (0.3 oz)