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Flour - How's That Spelt - Organic 1847

2.5 KG

"We stone mill locally grown organic grains from our farm. Never bleached, never anything added, 100% naturaläóÁ—�

This heritage grain was the predominant grain throughout Europe around the bronze age. It was originally cultivated in the Middle East and slowly spread across Europe. In those regions, it has been harvested for over 7,000 years. It was the grain of choice thanks to cold weather tolerance and long storage life most likely due to its hull. It was brought to the Americas in the late 1800äóÁ—Ès but it fell out of favour to modern wheat due to its lower protein. Its light and fluffy texture makes a great addition to everyday baking. ItäóÁ—Ès beautiful pale-yellow colour with flecks of red gives a distinct appearance to your baked goods. Great as an additional flour to breads, this grain will bring a new dimension in your recipes.