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Double Edge Safety Razor (5 Free Blades) - Plantish

$22.99 $27.99

About this product

Plantish's Double Edge Safety Razors with 5 FREE razor blades, designed for an eco-friendly, clean, and perfect smooth shave, the alternative to flimsy disposable razors.

With balanced ergonomics and ultra-gentle glide, our unique razors provide the closest cut to your skin, removing all hairs without a single irritation! It reduces the risk of razor burns, pesky ingrown hairs and shaving rashes for the most sensitive areas of skin.

1. Exfoliate the skin
2. Condition with cream/oil/soap
3. Shave wet and warm
--> Shave in the direction of your hairs (ex. if your hairs are facing down, shave using downward strokes)
--> Hold the handle at a 30-45 degree angle and gently glide the razor over the desired area, against the direction of the hair growth
4. Clean off

• Made in Canada
• Weight: 45.4 g (1.6 oz)