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Chicken Burgers - 4 Pack (18-20 OZ)

4-5 OZ Each

4 Chicken Burgers (4-5 OZ Each).

McIntosh Farms is located just outside of Atwood, On and run by Shawn and Erin McIntosh. TheyåÊalong withåÊtheir four children raise 100% grass fed beef and lamb as well as pasture raised pork, chicken and duck.åÊThey are grass farmers working with animals and nature to regenerate the soil and bring you the most nutritious meat possible.åÊTheir animals are raised in the most humane way possible so you can feel good about what you are feeding yourself and your family.

All meatåÊproducts are delivered frozen and wrapped in a compostableåÊ leakproof paper and compostable/ recyclableåÊbutcher paper.