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Organic Large Farm Fresh Produce Bag - 3-5 People

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Your Large Organic Bag typically contains 4-5 fruits and 6-8 vegetables, in larger quantities than our Small Organic Bag for 1-2 people. Our produce is ordered fresh weekly, which allows us to get your fruits and vegetables to you while they're as fresh as possible.

We endeavour to keep our produce bags accessible while also working to reduce food waste. To meet both of these objectives, we include nearly double the amount of produce that you might find in our nearest competitors organic bag. To ensure we're not unnecessarily composting away otherwise good produce, you may see 1-2 items in your bag with minor imperfections as even the freshest produce sometimes has a blemish or two!


August 1-3, 2023 bag contents: 

- Ontario Galia Melon

- Ontario Watermelon

- Ontario Rhubarb

- Ontario Blueberries

- Pears

- Ontario Broccoli

- Ontario Tomatillo's

- Ontario Red Kale

- Ontario Kohlrabi

- Ontario Cucumber

- Ontario Zucchini 

- Ontario Green Peppers

- Ontario Mushrooms

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