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Sea Salt - Flake Sea Salt (Vancouver Island Sea Salt)

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75 G

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Founded in 2009, Vancouver Island Sea Salt (VISS) is Canada's first sea salt harvestry producing all natural, hand-harvested sea salt in small batches from the cold, clear water of the Canadian Pacific. Located on a stunning 400 acre farm with over 2km of untouched ocean frontage on Oyster Bay, our salt harvestry sits half-way between the vibrant shellfish coast of Comox and the Ì_Ì_ÌÐSalmon Capital of the WorldÌ_Ì_åÈ, Campbell River in British Columbia.�ÕÌ_Harvesting practices adhere to high industry food standards and our sustainable production collects water at the exact point where the currents from the South of Vancouver Island meet the strong, cold currents from the North. These currents make for a spectacular blending of minerals and tides that are constantly in motion which creates a sea salt with exceptional purity, texture and nuanced salinity.