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Soda - Foraged Botanicals Tonic (The County Bounty)

355 ML

The County Bounty began in 2016 as a woman-run organic vegetable farm that quickly found it's footing in the farm-to-table drinks space. The drinks came about serendipitously as her and her farm friends tried to manage the surplus of fruits and herbs found in the area. It was important to her to cut the sugar to the bear minimum in her drinks, and keep the freshest Ontario flavours possible. Although no longer farming, she is sourcing her ingredients from Ontario producers as much as possible, and has given rise to the tastiest treat this side of the great lakes.

The County Bounty's mission is to support local farmers and the local economy as much as possible, and to preserve local food traditions.í«í_We value flavour, paying a fair price for produce and supporting farmers, and connecting people to the local farm community.


This soda is made completely from foraged ingredients. We spend some time on the county roads foraging for Staghorn Sumac, Juniper Berries, Cedar leaves and Pine needles. The sumac hits your tongue with a tartness that mellows into a beautiful forest flavour and then the tannins from the bark hits and dries out your mouth, making this the perfect tonic for your gin.